Stracci Toscani

Stracci Toscani

Origin durum wheat 100% Senatore Cappelli from organic farming

Durum wheat pasta

500 g

Semolina pasta, 100% heirloom Senatore Cappelli organic wheat (from Tuscany). Rough surface from extrusion through bronze dies.

5,00 € / each

Cooking time

11 minutes

Drying time

Pasta dried for 72 to 144 hours in static cells at temperatures below 38°C (100°F) for better digestibility and preservation of organoleptic properties.


Durum wheat semolina, water. Contains gluten, may contain traces of egg.


Store in a cool dry place (below 18° C and 65% relative humidity) to discourage the proliferation of insects.


The cooking time may vary slightly depending on the quantity and quality of the proteins in the wheat used to make the pasta. Variations in growing wheat are influenced by the weather conditions and the type of soil. For this reason, the semolina obtained is always different and can affect pasta making and therefore the characteristics of the pasta: cooking, gluten tenacity, quantity of starch released into the pan, etc.

Any anomaly in format or colour of pasta are a consequence of the handmade production.

Nutritional facts

Average values for 3.53 oz


1.527 kJ/360 Kcal


1.4 g


0.7 g


72 g


2.8 g


13 g


3.7 g


0.02 g

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