20 November 2023

Luca D'Attoma: the importance of biodiversity in vineyards

Wine production is one of Tenuta Maryamado’s numerous projects for the future. That's why we have begun an extensive and profound preparation for the vineyard. Our estate is located on a hillside that extends from the Santa Cristina church to San Quirico in Collina, in the most authentic area of Tuscany. The sandy, clay soil and a particular microclimate provide ideal conditions for growing Sangiovese, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot. 

Luca D'Attoma, oenologist and a top expert in the field, is collaborating with Tenuta Maryamado during this phase of vineyard preparation.


TM: What is your role at Tenuta Maryamado?

LDA: I am responsible for winemaking at Tenuta Maryamado. However, I consider myself an oenologist that differs from others; I am certainly less traditional. I don't just blend wines, I also spend time in the vineyards.

TM: What makes the territory of Tenuta Maryamado so special?

LDA: We have the opportunity to produce excellent wines and make it the collaborative effort of agronomists and staff.

TM: What kind of future do you envision in the upcoming years?

LDA: A future of great prestige. The property’s location and the distinctiveness of the vineyards will allow us to produce excellent wines, worthy of this territory’s richness.

Team Maryamado


Team Maryamado

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