13 April 2022

The vineyard in winter: pruning

Pruning the vines is a necessary annual practice which maintains both the vines’ training system and their productivity. In general, the training system is selected in order to maintain a balanced relationship between the foliage and the number of grape bunches in order to concentrate pre-selected oenological characteristics, including the quality of the grapes.

The vines’ productivity is linked to a stabilised number of buds on the plant and to their relative position on the shoots. Both of these aspects are regulated with pruning, which involves “plant surgery” aimed at eliminating improperly positioned excess buds and gems.

Because it is considered a surgical operation, pruning must be performed with the utmost respect for the anatomical and histological characteristics of the vine. Since these actions can be considered a recurring and necessary trauma for the vines' productivity, it is important to approach pruning with theoretical and practical preparation, in the most respectful way possible for the plant, to support its long productive life and the winemaker’s qualitative goals.

At Tenuta Maryamado, the vines are prudently cared for using an ancient French technique employed in many chateaux: every winter our team prunes the vines and immediately burns the shoots in a special cart outfitted with a brazier in order to reduce the risk of diseased plants contaminating the soil and, consequently, other vines.

This is a very important practice and essential to support the vines as they prepare for the arrival of spring.

Team Maryamado


Team Maryamado

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