29 September 2023

Plant nurseries: research and production for high-quality viticulture

Tradition and innovation are the most pressing topics at Tenuta Maryamado and the closest to our hearts. We often wonder what the best way to help preserve the heritage of our Tuscan territory should be. That's why we pay close attention to biodiversity and the relationship between vines and soil, and try to limit overworking the land.


Moving forward with a vision for the future also means looking towards innovation, seizing opportunities, studying and learning about new techniques, equipment, and production systems. It's always useful to talk about new possibilities and innovative viticulture systems.

That's why we wanted to delve into the concept of vineyard nurseries with Fabio Burroni, an agronomist specialised in viticulture consulting.


TM: What is your area of specialisation and role?

FB: I have a degree in Agricultural Sciences from the University of Florence and I am co-founder of AgronominVigna. My primary focus is on vineyard nurseries, therefore my work is linked to genetic material, plant selection, and methods to improve the property's wine production.

TM: What is a viticultural nursery?

FB: In the wine world, vineyard nurseries allow for the production of new grapevines through the experimentation and selection of high-quality genetic varieties, often resulting in new vines with specific characteristics such as greater resistance to diseases or a better ability for consistent production.

TM: What connection do you have with the Tuscan territory?

FB: The Tuscan vineyard is my chosen land, my professional life began here. Therefore, my connection with the Tuscan territory is strong, also by virtue of my work which consists in expressing the best in viticulture and enhancing the agricultural heritage of this area.


TM: What distinguishes Tenuta Maryamado and what could be its future?

FB: Tenuta Maryamado is very beautiful, characteristic, and has a strong identity. I share the same vision for innovative and sustainable viticulture as Tenuta Maryamado and believe it has the potential to support cutting-edge viticulture systems in the future, beyond traditional organic methods.

Team Maryamado


Team Maryamado

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