13 March 2022

A sustainable irrigation system

An elaborate transformation project is underway at Tenuta Maryamado, including the installation of a new irrigation system in the vineyards, gardens, and surrounding forests.

We currently use water from wells, from natural water sources located in the immediate vicinity, and from rainwater collected in natural basins.

Thanks to these sources – two main wells and secondary sources such as two natural springs – we can ensure a sufficient quantity of water to irrigate; protect flora and fauna; significantly reduce waste; benefit from available resources; and most importantly, restore water that has been depleted in certain areas, with the exception of what is subject to evaporation.

Once completed, this advanced irrigation system will be controlled through a computerised system that will include an interactive graphic map, a weather station, and calculation programs to control evapotranspiration and irrigation cycles.

Sustainability and respect for biodiversity are always our priorities.

Team Maryamado


Team Maryamado

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