01 September 2023

Tenuta Maryamado Celebrating the Past, Embracing the Future

Tenuta Maryamado, formerly known as Villa di Bonorolo, has a rich history dating back to the 1500s when it belonged to the Guicciardini, a prominent Florentine family. The construction of the estate was commissioned to Gherardo Silvani, an esteemed architect and sculptor from 17th century Florence. Silvani's vision was to create a rural yet refined estate surrounded by lush vegetation.

Today, nestled in the heart of the Tuscan hills, the estate covers 200 hectares of land, including vast wooded areas, classic and modern gardens, and 5,000 ancient olive trees, as well as agricultural land for the cultivation of grains, cereals, fruits, vegetables, and medicinal plants.



As you enter the estate, you are greeted by two terracotta lions perched atop pillars, standing guard at the beginning of our tree-lined lane. Continuing down this lane, you'll discover twelve additional buildings, in addition to the Villa, that are all part of the property.

Since 2019, we've embarked on an ambitious project to restore and enhance the ancient beauty of Tenuta Maryamado with determination, passion, and a deep respect for history. However, we also seek to bring the benefits of innovative thinking and action to the estate, while maintaining its strong roots and timeless charm.

Our pursuit of excellence extends to every aspect of our production cycle, from olives to wine. We carefully follow each phase of the process, blending our experience and dedication with the natural cycle of the environment. For example, our olives are quickly hand-picked at the first signs of ripening and processed at low temperatures to minimize oxidative impact.

In addition to olive oil and wine, we cultivate wheat that is transformed into high-quality artisanal pasta and other products. The unique characteristics of our territory also allow for the growth of traditional and exotic fruits and vegetables.

Our ultimate goal is to respect the ecosystem, increase biodiversity, and enhance the cultural significance of the estate. We achieve this through a range of activities that contribute to our larger mission.



Team Maryamado


Team Maryamado

Racconti tematici, notizie e aggiornamenti che catturano la bellezza e l'unicità di Tenuta Maryamado: dai nostri prodotti ai processi di produzione, fino al territorio che ci circonda.

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