14 April 2022

Tenuta Marymado’s new olive groves

We recently planted about four hectares of new olive groves intended for the production of monocultivar oils, adding to the already wide variety of olive trees at the estate.

The planting of these trees was configured following rational criteria for cultivating “rows” so that all pruning and harvesting operations can be carried out from the ground, without the assistance of ladders.

Every agronomic characteristic of each individual cultivar was taken into account at the time of planting and the spacing between plants was calibrated to accommodate their vigour and natural behaviour.

These olive groves were planted to facilitate the cultivation of monocultivars in particular; for the efficient and swift harvest of each variety during their optimal ripening periods, essential for the production of authentic and high-quality oil.

Team Maryamado


Team Maryamado

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