02 October 2023

Soil management: designing vineyards in harmony with the natural landscape

Our property is located in an area renowned for its evocative and lush beauty, and our task has always been to preserve this incredible natural landscape. However, managing and conserving the soil is not an easy task, as it requires continuous work and updates to create a close relationship between humans and nature, with the aim of moving forward together in synergy.

We strive to fully experience this connection with our territory and to make improvements in landscape management to preserve the soil and its crops, and make the most of resources.

All these elements are significant in the design of agricultural and rural areas, as well as vineyards.

In this regard, we asked for the opinion of Andrea Fassinetti, our collaborator and expert in agricultural design.


TM: What is your role at the estate?

AF: I am responsible for agricultural and rural planning. My task at Tenuta Maryamado is to design the vineyards.

TM: What is Tenuta Maryamado's relationship with the natural landscape?

AF: It’s definitely a strong one. The estate is located in a particularly prestigious area and the company seeks to preserve its virtues to the best of its ability. In fact, it was possible to improve and enhance what was left by the previous management, without betraying the natural landscape, but rather design the vineyards with respect for the soil and its biodiversity.

TM: How important is innovation in the design process?

AF: Innovation is the engine of the future, and that is why Tenuta Maryamado is able to position itself as a leader in the industry and recognise the value of investments for soil improvement within vineyard design. In my work, collaborating with properties such as Maryamado, which care about planning and design with respect for the territory, is stimulating and essential for genuine renewal.

Team Maryamado


Team Maryamado

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