20 December 2023

Olive cultivation with Aleandro Ottanelli: A spotlight on agronomic details

The cultivation of olive trees is the foundation of our agricultural endeavours and daily commitment at Tenuta Maryamado.

The olive groves at the estate – with a unique mix of olive varieties, sun and wind exposure, age, and cultivation methods – enable the production of organic extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality.

Olive tree cultivation is done with great care and our objective is to bring forth the plants’ fullest potential. 

"Olearium" is the name given to a special grove we have created with over 25 traditional Tuscan olive varieties with the goal of protecting and simultaneously preserving the genomes for future generations. We strive to act as guardians of local agricultural traditions to guarantee the integrity of the historical and cultural heritage linked to the production of extra virgin olive oil.

Oleologist Aleandro Ottanelli has had a long career in the field of olive cultivation, and has been collaborating with Tenuta Maryamado since day one.

TM: What is your role at Tenuta Maryamado? What do you do?

AO: I'm an olive specialist and I oversee oil production.

TM: How do Tenuta Maryamado's extra virgin olive oils differ? What makes them so special?

AO: They are of the highest quality. Our olive trees produce precious oils since they are looked after with methods that deeply respect the characteristics of the plants. This allows us to celebrate the history of this land in the name of quality and respect for the ecosystem.

TM: What techniques do you use to produce the oil?

AO: We use techniques which, for practical purposes, could be compared to those used in oenology. We start from the raw materials, we follow the ripening process, and then we quickly extract everything good from the fruit immediately after harvesting using technology that prevents oxidation.

Team Maryamado


Team Maryamado

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