15 September 2023

Protecting wild flora and fauna: Balancing conservation with environmental harmony

We have been carrying out an ambitious project for some time now at Tenuta Maryamado aimed at preserving the centuries-old agricultural and cultural heritage within the area around San Casciano in Val di Pesa. We are just outside of Florence, in the heart of the Tuscan countryside.

The protection of wild flora and fauna is among the key points of our conservation project. We grow organic vegetables and fruit trees – traditional and exotic – on our estate. We have adopted natural, minimally invasive methods which maximise the characteristics and flavours of our produce. In the context of sustainability, even organic soil for our gardens is produced directly on site through a holistic composting program that allows us to recycle waste independently.

Biodiversity is another very important element of our programme. The forests surrounding the estate are inhabited by an incredible variety of wild animals that live in complete harmony with nature. Our mission is to disturb them as little as possible and to do our best to create an increasingly comfortable and ideal habitat for their needs.

To understand more, we asked one of our experts, Alberto Chitibatelli.


TM: What is your precise role at the Tenuta?

AC: My role involves preserving the beauty of the landscape and the biodiversity which surrounds and defines the estate.

TM: What does Tenuta Maryamado represent for you?

AC: Research, diffusion of information, and progress. Research unveils biodiversity, both in plants and in three specific species: butterflies, bats, and birds. Diffusing information offers the possibility to discover more about plants and animals that are rarely known. And finally, progress in knowledge is essential for moving forward to enhance and protect biodiversity.

TM: What are the best practices to enhance and increase biodiversity?

AC: We use several at Tenuta Maryamado. We seek to take measures that will always have the least impact on the territory. This means that specific seasons, specific cuttings and their sequences among the plants will increase the presence of wild species and therefore we will have a greater diversity of species.

Team Maryamado


Team Maryamado

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