09 May 2024

Green Renaissance: Tenuta Maryamado’s Landscape Initiative

Jacopo Chiti and Philip Adiutori are leading the restoration and transformation process of Tenuta Maryamado's natural landscape into a masterpiece of biodiversity and splendor, seamlessly intertwining timeless wisdom, biodiversity, and a modern vision.


In the elaborate landscape project at Tenuta Maryamado, we see the collaborative efforts of Jacopo Chiti, an engineer, and Philip Adiutori, a landscape architect, seamlessly woven together. Together, they epitomize a philosophy that endeavors to harmonize nature, modernity, and sustainability, creating spaces that speak to both the individual and the planet.

Their approach, a fusion of engineering and nature, underscores the importance of envisioning with adaptability in mind, thus crafting beauty that is both functional and harmonious.


Their work evokes the sentiments of Andrejs Legzdiņš, a Latvian-Swedish architect who envisions the future while revering the intrinsic purity of nature. His profound belief, encapsulated in the mantra "In nature lies the origin of all things," resonates deeply as I engage with the consultants of Tenuta Maryamado, contemplating a sustainable future that respects the ineffable beauty of the past.


Jacopo and Philip have shared with me their comprehensive approach to the landscape project at Tenuta Maryamado. Encompassing more than 250 hectares and engaging approximately three hundred professionals, the estate serves as a vibrant canvas where our two artisans deftly craft with light, shadow, and vegetation. "Our primary aim from inception," Jacopo explains, "has been to honor the essence of this place. Every decision, whether in rainwater reclamation or the creation of artificial reservoirs, has been made with the intention of enhancing what already exists, rather than imposing drastic alterations."


This guiding principle drives the aspiration to unite people with nature through the landscape. The project is born from the desire to deepen the connection with the land, while honoring its biodiversity and enriching the harmony and cohesion with the agricultural world. This vision materializes at Tenuta Maryamado with the inception of an artificial lake nestled amidst olive groves and vineyards, serving as the beating heart of the estate: a tranquil sanctuary that inspires contemplation on the pivotal role of water.

Philip, in turn, emphasizes the significance of cultivating a symbiotic relationship with the land: "Nature serves as our muse and compass. Every undertaking is designed to enhance biodiversity and foster a dialogue between the ancient and the new." Philip's sentiments echo profoundly as one beholds the masterpiece unfolding within the olive grove, where ancient olive varieties harmonize with aromatic flora, in a living testament to intercropping that heralds a new era in the production of extra virgin olive oil.


Jacopo and Philip's vision for Tenuta Maryamado extends beyond mere aesthetic perfection. They aspire to a beauty that serves a purpose, where each facet of the landscape nurtures the ecosystem's vitality. "We've introduced sustainable irrigation systems and agricultural practices aimed at minimizing environmental impact," explains Jacopo. Here, human ingenuity gracefully intertwines with the innate wisdom of nature in a harmonious dance.

Philip eloquently discusses the project of the artificial lake, a feat of engineering and design excellence: "Our aim transcended mere water storage," he shares, "we envisioned a place of profound beauty, where contemplation and rejuvenation could flourish." Surrounded by indigenous flora, this lake emerges as a testament to the estate's ethos: a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetic allure, where every detail is meticulously crafted to exalt life. Additionally, Chiti remarks, "The substantial stone claddings were selected from local suppliers, restoring a sense of natural authenticity to the surroundings."

Through their artistic endeavors, they pay homage to Tuscany's rich cultural legacy. "Our work is an ongoing conversation with the land," Jacopo concludes poignantly, "and each day, we glean new insights from its boundless wisdom."


Their vision of a future where architecture and nature intertwine in poetic harmony inspires contemplation on how we can build resilient, sustainable communities. It offers a profound perspective on addressing environmental challenges through spaces that honor and safeguard our connection with the earth.

The estate's vision, complemented by the expertise of Chiti and Adiutori, propels Tenuta Maryamado to serve as an exemplar of how engineering, art, and landscape can converge to create spaces that inspire generations to come. It emerges not merely as a landscape endeavor, but as a living testament to the seamless integration of nature, community, and sustainability in perfect symbiosis.


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