12 June 2024

Morchiaio Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Tenuta Maryamado and the Diamond of Ferdinando I de’ Medici

Tenuta Maryamado’s Morchiaio Extra Virgin Olive Oil embodies the essence of Tuscany with an intensity and purity reminiscent of the legendary "Diamande" of Grand Duke Ferdinando I de’ Medici.

Amid the verdant expanses of Tuscany, where time flows with a gentle cadence, lies a treasure of inestimable value—a symbol of ancient tradition and conscious modernity: Morchiaio extra virgin olive oil, produced by Tenuta Maryamado. This exquisite oil calls to mind the Diamante del Granduca–“Grand Duke’s Diamond”–renowned for its unique brilliance and captivating history. Like the diamond, a masterpiece of the goldsmith's art and a symbol of the Medici's power and beauty, Morchiaio oil enchants with its vivid colour, offering an unparalleled sensory experience. It enriches the palate of those who taste it, embodying centuries of agricultural wisdom and innovation that honours the past.


A bit of history: In 1601, Ferdinando I de’ Medici acquired a rough but exceptional diamond, which was transformed by Pompeo Studendoli in 1615 into an extraordinary finished gem. This masterpiece was later gifted by Cosimo II de’ Medici to his wife, Maria Maddalena von Habsburg. The jewel became a symbol of splendour, immortalised in portraits of the era. Although lost in the 20th century, a faithful reproduction by Paolo Penko is now displayed at the Museo di Palazzo Medici Riccardi in Florence.


The Grand Duke’s Diamond, with its rich history of artisanal mastery and excellence, evokes the production practices of Morchiaio olive oil, where the tradition of Tuscan olive cultivation merges with innovative techniques to create an unparalleled extra virgin olive oil.

The olives of the prestigious Morchiaio variety are cultivated with profound dedication and a keen awareness of their role as the sublime embodiment of the Tuscan terroir, harmoniously balancing aroma and bitterness in an oil with a moderate to intense green profile.


The resulting oil boasts fresh notes of leaf, aromatic herbs, and unripe fruit, with a robust and persistent flavour. It is not merely an outstanding product but a symbol of a land rich in history, culture, and passion. The initial aromas are distinctly green, with hints of herbs, evoking memories of a sunrise stroll through olive groves. On the palate, the oil reveals a delightful acidity, imparting a sense of freshness, followed by a moderately intense bitterness that dances on the taste buds. This is succeeded by a persistent and intense spiciness that leaves a lasting impression.


In short, it’s something you won’t soon forget!


The philosophy behind Tenuta Maryamado’s production of this exceptional extra virgin olive oil rests on three fundamental principles: safeguarding, maintaining, and preserving. Every phase of production, from the care of the olive groves to bottling, is guided by a deep respect for biodiversity and the natural cycle of the plants. The choice of sustainable agricultural practices and attention to biodiversity are not just a promise but a tangible reality that is evident in every drop of oil produced. This commitment was recognized with the designation of "Slow Food Presidium" in 2023.


The story of Morchiaio, with its challenges against plant diseases, climate change, and shifting consumer preferences, is a testament to the resilience and foresight of Tenuta Maryamado. By preserving a rich genetic heritage of olives and highlighting once-obscure varieties, Tenuta Maryamado not only maintains quality but also pioneers new paths for the future of olive cultivation.

Adua Villa


Adua Villa

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